Selecting the Right Interior Designer


For new homeowners who are collecting / have collected their keys, you might have signed up with one of the local renovation portals and requested for quotations. Now, the BIG question is which interior design company’s proposal will you choose?


Selecting an interior design company is crucial, especially appointing the ‘right’ interior designer who will manage your entire renovation works. Here are some pointers to take note of:


Years of Experience
One of the major concerns for homeowners is the interior designers’ years of industry experience. Though it is advisable to engage designers with considerable experience, this does not mean that you shouldn’t engage a young designer. Young designers are fresh and adds a new perspective to designing a home. They usually have a mentor / supervisor who helps them meet clients and oversee the project. This means that they rarely work alone so homeowners can be well assured that they are in capable hands. Another approach is to look at a company / designer’s portfolio as it will give you good insights on the quality of work and design capabilities.



While the reputation of the interior design company is important, homeowners must also take into consideration the reputation of the interior designer. A possible solution for this is to check through past customers’ reviews of their engagement with the specific interior designer. Alternatively, you can request for a site visit of the interior designer’s ongoing or past projects to check for yourself their workmanship while at the same time be able to ask the homeowner on their experience working with the interior designer.


Professional interior designers should have a good understanding of design, coupled with technical expertise to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home. He / she must be knowledgeable, have a good understanding of current interior design trends and able to propose designs that fits your lifestyle preferences. At the same time, you need to select an interior designer who is reasonably responsive and honest.



Design Style
Though most interior designers are comfortable with various design concepts, some might have a flair for certain design concepts. In case you have a specific style that you plan to go for, check with them on similar past designs.


If you are truly at a loss, trust your gut instincts. Reputation and experience aside, always decide based on how comfortable you feel with the interior designer. There have been many cases where homeowners chose a designer based on price and not how comfortable they are with the designer that halfway through the project, the relationship fell apart which in turn disrupted the renovation process. Renovating your home is a long-term commitment, while price and quality is important, how comfortable you are and being able to communicate openly with the interior designer is just as important.

Organising Your Living Room Space


More often than not, the living room is usually the center of a home. How do you create it into your ideal space to host gatherings with your friends and family or relax after a long day at work?


Choice of Colour

Colour selection is dependent on your renovation style. Certain hues can help to enhance the aesthetics of your home. E.g. If you are a fan of Scandinavian design style, consider using a combination of light and neutral colours such as white, grey and teal. Other possible colours include pale ice blue, moss and dusty pink.


Traffic Pattern

It refers to movements in the living room- how do people move about in the living room space? Placing too much furniture might hinder movements or cause someone to trip over. Therefore, you should ensure that there is a clear, sufficient path to pass through.



Bearing in mind that the sizes of new houses are significantly smaller, arranging your furniture in the living room is challenging. You may want to explore the option of placing side tables instead of coffee tables. Alternatively, get a side table that can be used as a coffee table too.


Focal Point

You will need to create a focal point for your living room. The focal point is one of the basic design principles and the ‘star’ of the room. Some suggestions include: accent walls or feature walls, artworks and statement furniture.



You can also opt for a statement chandelier or ceiling pendant to establish a focal point. Floor or table lamps can be used to soften a living room space. Recessed, under-counter lightings create a relaxed and comfortable ambience.


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Designing Your Open-Concept Kitchen


Starting from February 2018 BTO exercise, all home buyers will only be offered open kitchens. Previously, HDB provided home buyers the option to pay extra to have a kitchen partition wall installed, which was a standard item under the Optional Component Scheme. This recent announcement also means that homeowners are given more flexibility in designing their living space. Let’s take a look at some design inspirations for your open kitchen!





There are many ways to design an open concept kitchen. Some of the most popular designs are the semi open kitchen, usually partitioned by glass doors (swing / sliding) or a half wall counter / island style. If you do heavy cooking often, a semi-open kitchen works best as it will help contain the cooking aromas while a fully open kitchen is more suitable for light cooking.  


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Popular Flooring Materials


There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the flooring for your home. Apart from choosing one based on aesthetics, homeowners also have to consider the material, cost and the level of maintenance for the long term (at least 5 years or more for new homes). Below are the 3 types of flooring that homeowners usually choose above all else.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has been one of the favourite options for homeowners. Other than offering the look of hardwood at a more affordable rate, it is also scratch and stain resistant. Vinyl flooring is considered highly durable and can be easily replaced. In terms of cleaning, it only requires basic sweeping, vacuuming and mopping to sustain its outlook.




Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring provides a classic look that lives through time because of its natural appearance and warmth. Like vinyl flooring, it is also long-lasting and durable. Certain types of wood darken with age. However, it is not as scratch resistant as vinyl flooring and homeowners must take extra precaution when moving furniture around. The Singapore weather with its high humidity is also not the most ideal for hardwood flooring as wood tend to expand with heat and maintenance cost is higher as well as it needs to be serviced regularly. If you are fixed on hardwood flooring, it is advisable to select materials with high Janka hardness score and tough finishes.


For more information on Janka hardness:  


Maintenance of wood flooring requires a lot more attention. For daily cleaning, it is advisable to use a vacuum with floor-brush attachment instead of beater bar attachment to avoid scratching the floor surface.



It is advisable to use liquid cleaner that are specifically for wood to mop the floor and ensure that the mop is not dripping wet as excessive water or standing water will cause damage to your floor.



Tiles offers many different styles to fit your design theme. There are ceramic, homogenous, glazed full body porcelain and glazed porcelain tiles. It is easy to clean up and extremely scratch-resistant. It is versatile and has a low water absorption rate which is suitable for households with young children. One drawback for most tiles is that you will have to scrub grout lines to remove dirt and grime.



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