Organising Your Living Room Space


More often than not, the living room is usually the center of a home. How do you create it into your ideal space to host gatherings with your friends and family or relax after a long day at work?


Choice of Colour

Colour selection is dependent on your renovation style. Certain hues can help to enhance the aesthetics of your home. E.g. If you are a fan of Scandinavian design style, consider using a combination of light and neutral colours such as white, grey and teal. Other possible colours include pale ice blue, moss and dusty pink.


Traffic Pattern

It refers to movements in the living room- how do people move about in the living room space? Placing too much furniture might hinder movements or cause someone to trip over. Therefore, you should ensure that there is a clear, sufficient path to pass through.



Bearing in mind that the sizes of new houses are significantly smaller, arranging your furniture in the living room is challenging. You may want to explore the option of placing side tables instead of coffee tables. Alternatively, get a side table that can be used as a coffee table too.


Focal Point

You will need to create a focal point for your living room. The focal point is one of the basic design principles and the ‘star’ of the room. Some suggestions include: accent walls or feature walls, artworks and statement furniture.



You can also opt for a statement chandelier or ceiling pendant to establish a focal point. Floor or table lamps can be used to soften a living room space. Recessed, under-counter lightings create a relaxed and comfortable ambience.


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